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Posted by Briant Alix on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 07:53:48

Fox C-6 School District; Antonia Elementary; Antonia Middle School; Clyde Hamrick Elementary; Don Earl Early Childhood Center; Fox Elementary; Fox High School; Fox Middle School; Guffey Elementary; Lone Dell Elementary; Meramec Heights Elementary; Ray & Nancy Hodge Elementary; Richard Simpson Elementary; Ridgewood Middle School; Rockport

Method is So California's only online high school with a July 1 start and UC and NCAA approved high school courses that are online and mobile-friendly. Online High School Fueled by SmartFox Method Schools

Summer School: There are two sessions for the 2019 summer school program this year. Summer school dates for session 1 are Tuesday, June 18th to Friday, July 19th (skip 7/4, 7/5). Summer school dates for session 2 are Monday, July 8th - Thursday, July 26th. Registration for summer school will begin at 7:00 AM on Monday, April 15th.

Method Public Schools is a California network of schools providing students with a personal experience. Grades TK-12, lots of one-on-one, online and offline curriculum. Method Modern Schools - online public school for SoCal K-12 students

Fox C-6 Summer School Fox C-6 offers fun and comprehensive Summer School for all K-12 students. Summer School is free to all and can help bridge the gap between school years for learners of all ages, as well as provide high school students with an opportunity to earn credits toward graduation.

Fox C-6 School District will be moving to comply with the Missouri's Eat Smart Guidelines for healthier eating among school children. To do this, Fox C-6 will work toward the following steps. Fiber in the diet will be increased by serving whole grain products on the menu at least three times a week.