How To Login To Shop Heroes On Steam

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How To Login To Shop Heroes On Steam

Posted by Brunett Amo on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 08:16:47

Cloudcade for All Shop Heroes Shop Heroes. All platforms OR Contact Us Contact Contact Us Contact. General and Account ยป My Account is missing or the Game Wiped my Progress! Help! Is Shop Heroes free to play? How do I connect my game to platforms and play on different devices?

Craft legendary items, gear up your heroes for epic quests, and fight for the top of the Trade Wars and PvP Leaderboards in the original smash hit fantasy tycoon: Shop Heroes! Become a medieval fantasy tycoon! Build, trade, and craft your way to riches and fame.

Shop Heroes is a unique simulation game, because your goal in this Android and iOS game is to become the ultimate shopkeeper. You will do this by building a fantasy item shop and managing it to the best of your capability.

Shop Heroes is a fantasy shop simulation and city building game. Manage your dream shop, hire skilled workers, craft hundreds of epic items and enlist powerful heroes to engage in quests.

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Please indicate which account you would like to KEEP! This is an account LINK; not an account MERGE. You will have ONE account to play across all platforms. Items do not transfer from one account to another. 1. Start a new game on selected platform (iOS, Steam, etc.) and reach level 2 to choose a name (Note down NewShopkeeperName#12345 as it will be needed later) 2 .