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Posted by Brassard Adrianna on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 09:10:00

Customer Portal . If you are a customer who owns an older version of DLRCS (before 1.1 ), just sign in with your account info. Email address (We use an email address as user name) Password: Don't have an account?

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Dirac Research AB at a Glance. Dirac is a world-renowned audio technology company on a mission to invent the future of sound. Specialized in digital audio optimization, Dirac provides a perfected sound experience in any type of listening environment, including mobile, VR/AR, gaming, automotive, residential and commercial AV.

miniDSP is a leading manufacturer of Digital Audio Signal Processors for the HomeTheater, Hifi, headphone and Automotive market. Join our large community of Audiophiles, Engineers and DIYers using our innovative products.

as "Dirac Live 1" to distinguish it from "Dirac Live 2." The new version of Dirac Live that is explained in this manual was announced by Dirac Research as "Dirac Live 2.0". This is a complete new architecture and codebase, so the "2.0" designation works in the general sense of

Dirac offers sophisticated solutions that fundamentally improves audio playback based on your preferred listening environment. From music connoisseurs to loudspeaker manufacturers, Dirac offers sophisticated sonic improvement across all kinds of devices, such as Bluetooth, TV, and HiFi speakers as well as soundbars,