Browser Driver Wait Url Change After Login

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Browser Driver Wait Url Change After Login

Posted by Bouton Adalicia on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 07:51:29

get() method does not allow driver to access the browser's history while navigate() allows the driver to access the browser's history and to navigate to a given URL. You can not navigate back and forward using get() while same can be achieved through navigate().

@davidwparker I am still learning, but my understanding is that the URL can change and test true in your code from Jul 19, but it doesn't mean the rest of the page has loaded. Hence, it could still fail sometimes. If you test for something more weighty in your browser.wait function, I think it may yield better result.

WORKING WITH CHROME WEBDRIVER Example 1:---LogIn to your Gmail Account Verify your Username in the HomePage and then LogOut. Step 1. FireBug can be downloaded from this URL Working With FireBug Step 1 : Open FireBug

The explicit wait should work for both user-specific web pages and sites with hidden elements, so you can test a dynamic web page with Selenium WebDriver. Implicit Waits. The Implicit Wait is Selenium's other solution, which sets a default wait time if the Selenium script can't perform the action right away.

Installation. The recommended installation method is using pip:. pip install --upgrade robotframework-seleniumlibrary. Running this command installs also the latest Selenium and Robot Framework versions, but you still need to install browser drivers separately. The --upgrade option can be omitted when installing the library for the first time.

We need to close the browser window after logout. As stated in the SDK we tried to set setShowCloseWindow to true. But this doesnt close the browser window after logout. The only difference between true and false is the shown message in loggedout.aspx (message to the user to close the browser or